More Tips on how to stick to your goals

Trick your mind Like you mean it on Low days

If it’s a gym or outdoor exercise, just showing up is more than half the battle. 

Don’t overthink it. Instead of thinking about the workout itself, how difficult it might be or how exhausted you might feel afterwards, concentrate on just one thing: put on your workout gears and get there. That’s it: I just want to go there. Nothing more “finger’s crossed”!!

If the workout is a home workout, just start the workout with the intention to do the first five minutes. Just five minutes! “Don’t dare to talk about continuing it, you don't feel it today. Just 5 Minutes.”

Once you are there (or you start the first five minute, in case of home workout), you feel so much better just by making the effort. This trick seems very primitive, but when you try it, you find that it gives you the mental push you need more often than you believe.

Avoid burnouts and Injuries

Too often, people become their own “Drill Sergeant”. They force on themselves a boot-camp pace that either frustrates them mentally or injures them physically.

It’s better to work within your limits, and gradually get stronger.

Reward yourself

It takes weeks to see any significant improvements. Therefore, make a clear reward system with clear milestones and reward yourself when you achieve them. Even a pound of muscle gain or weight loss is a cause for celebration. So reward yourself by getting a 10-minute neck massage or treating yourself to a new pair of jeans.

Are you ready for a change? 

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