What are push up leggings?

Push up leggings, also known as anti cellulite leggings, have become very popular in the recent years. The soft and stretchy material makes you feel as if you are wrapped in a feather, light and soft. They, in fact, hug your body and put on the best display of your legs and your core. 

They have an amazing fit and, more importantly, mask the appearance of cellulite on your legs through its special texture design. Push up leggings also helps to naturally lift up your buttocks and improve your shape.

Moreover, they offer you maximum comfort thanks to their soft and high quality fabric. You can wear them all day long while running your errands. They are also perfect for exercising since they absorb the sweat, but at the same time, they dry quickly which makes it way easier to be used for all kind of activities especially high intensity exercises where you sweat more.

In addition, the fabric is tight-fit and breathable and provides a good air circulation during your exercise or daily activities. Another important feature is the high waist design which helps you shape your tummy.

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