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Recent years have been very challenging due to the pandemic. We had to live in isolation from our communities and learn to be strong for each other. It made us more capable and more united than ever so to support each other and thrive as a  result. This is how Tanfit Shop was born with the enormous support of our network. We are here to stay and make an impact in the activewear and athleisure market in the Netherlands and hopefully around the world.

The Birth

Tanfit Shop was founded with the aim of offering a wide range of stylish and practical athleisure. We are based in Amsterdam and ship our products mainly to EU and also to the rest of the world. Our products includes leggings, yoga pants, sweatpants, gym tanks, and sports bras. We also have shapewears as a result of our collaboration with Banou brand. So there are many items to make you feel amazing and fall in love with your body again!

We all hear activewear and athleisure almost every day. But what do  these words actually mean?

  • Activewear includes items of clothings that people wear when participating in sport activities.
  • Athleisure is a type of activewear that you wear not only to participate in sport activities but to perform your daily activities. The word is the combination of athletic and leisure, and clearly refers to the purpose.

The Concept

Athleisure has been considered as a fashion trend for the last few years. However, the trend was initially introduced in 1970s when fitness routines attracted more attention throughout the world. Many people started to use their everyday clothing for their exercises and activities. As a result, sport brands started to focus on combining the two purpose, and produce clothing that can be worn for both daily use and exercise at the same time!

The Trend

Athleisure has gained more popularity in the recent years since they are seen more and more on the celebrities and influencers all around the world. We have seen them going for a run, grabbing a coffee, catching up with friends, going to supermarkets and literally doing all sorts of activities in the same activewear while looking gorgeously stylish!

On the other hand, continuous innovation in the textile technology easily allows to combine activewear and fashionable fabrics and deliver trendy clothings. Moreover, it has been more acceptable to wear this trends at parties and social events in the recent years. As a result, the trend is becoming more and more popular.

Tanfit Athleisure

Our mission at Tanfit shop is to offer trendy athleisure that is comfortable, durable and fashionable. Our items are made of innovative and practical fabrics to help you run your errands elegantly and enjoyably. We also have a colorful range of products that helps you bring out your best features and shine wherever you go!

Are you ready to embark a new journey with us?


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